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The best investment category

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What is the best investment category?

Research has shown that long term investment in shares/funds will give the best investment returns and therefore is the best investment category. Gallup has done research to what American’s think is the best investment category and only 24%! of the American’s think investment in shares are the best option!Total Return Index Investment Categories

The respondents had to option to choose from real estate, gold, shares and funds, savings and securities. Another 24% chose gold, which adjusted by inflation doesn’t give much investment return. Real-estate had the preference of 30% of the respondents and real estate, where as hardly gives any return on investment on the long term. Savings was preferred by 14% of the respondents and the remaining 6% percent of the respondents preferred securities. This means that 75% of the American’s doesn’t seem to know what the best investment category is!


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