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What Retirement “Building” Is All About

Welcome, I’m Chris Winters, the founder of Retirement Builders. Are you pondering these questions:

  • “What steps do I need to take to secure a financially sound living?”
  • “How can I align my retirement funds with my vision for the future?”
  • “How do I continue building my retirement portfolio with limited time and resources?”
  • Is it possible to achieve financial security in retirement with my current savings and investments?”

If these questions resonate with you, you’ve landed on the right location. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or someone exploring retirement options from the comfort of your home, you likely aspire to enjoy a worry-free future and retirement without breaking the bank. Fortunately, you’re living in an era where the retirement landscape is undergoing a true “revolution.”

Here’s How Retirement Builders Can Help You Achieve a Secure Retirement… Right Now!

We are living in an unprecedented age of retirement planning. With financial tools becoming more accessible and technology empowering individuals, you can now have everything you need to plan and secure a comfortable retirement from the convenience of your home.

This has opened doors for individuals to take control of their retirement destiny without the pressure of relying solely on traditional financial institutions. But the question remains – are you on track to achieve the retirement you desire?

You likely already have the financial tools you need to build a solid retirement plan; what you need is the right guidance. However, who wants to sift through endless books, magazines, interviews, online articles, videos, and blog posts to learn the best retirement strategies? Instead…

You’ll benefit from my years of experience, training, financial planning, and learning from both successes and failures. I’ve distilled the most proven retirement methods, tactics, mindsets, and philosophies so you can transform uncertain retirement plans into secure and well-planned futures!

Let Me Fast Track You On The Path To a Secure Future & Retirement

And the best part is, you’ll see results. My subscribers receive exclusive insights, information not shared on the website, and most importantly, they take decisive action.

If you are someone who takes action and is committed to achieving a secure retirement, then my material is tailor-made for you.

There Are No Longer Any Excuses

I have a unique perspective on retirement planning. While my passion is to educate and empower individuals to secure their retirement with confidence, I aim to cut through the noise of financial marketing that often suggests spending more money for better results.


I want to eliminate any and all excuses preventing individuals from achieving their retirement goals. Too often, financial constraints become an excuse.

“If I only had more savings. If I could only invest in that exclusive fund. If I only had better financial advice.”

No, you already have what it takes to build a secure retirement. You just need a new approach to thinking about it.

Retirement Builders will revolutionize the way you think about retirement planning and financial security.

About Chris Winters & The Team

Retirement Builders was founded by me, Chris Winters, a financial expert and retirement enthusiast based in New York City. From young age i’m facinated by the stockmarkets. Chasing a dream of financial indepence. On my way of achieving this dream I have learned that it is about quantity (finance) and quality (freedom). Quantity involves the accumulation of wealth, assets, and resources—an abundance that provides a sense of security and choices. It is the capacity to amass financial assets, invest wisely, and build a substantial portfolio.

On the other hand, quality emphasizes the thoughtful and purposeful utilization of financial resources to enhance one’s life to experience freedom. It involves intentional spending, investing in experiences, and fostering a lifestyle aligned with personal values.

If the balance between quality en quantity doesn’t exist, you don’t have any balance. Therefore everyone has to have a purpose in life. My purpose and that of the team is guiding our clients to achieve their future purpose and building their retirement.

With a background in finance, this translates to a passion for helping individuals achieve their (retirement) dreams, my journey has taken me from advising high-net-worth clients to assisting everyday individuals in securing a financially stable retirement.

If you’re seeking honest insights into what it takes to achieve a secure Future & Retirement, then you’ll appreciate my approach to thinking and teaching.